SoulWood Energy™ Corp.

SoulWood Energy logoSoulWood Energy™ Corp. is the branch of the WaterForest Group that generates ‘energy for life from waste,’ producing bio-fuel and energy products for consumption. SoulWood Energy represents the future source of bio-fuels and energy based on cellulose waste using specialized gasification technology. SoulWood Energy further closes the loop on resource use by completely utilizing all cellulose-based products, such as wood residue or community garbage, in its energy production.

The gasification process produces a bio-fuel called syngas, which can be used to generate electricity, converted into synthetic renewable diesel or be broken down into its base components, one of which is ethanol. As a fuel source, ethanol and or bio-diesel can be sold as a by-product revenue opportunity.

The energy created through gasification technology yields a capacity to power community utilities, such as water treatment facilities, medical centers and schools. And it does this in a 100% environmentally sustainable manner.