SoulWood logoThe SoulWood™ brand embodies the true essence of The WaterForest Group and its reason for being. The name commemorates all that has been lost to the flooding that ultimately created the submerged forests. The impact of flooding in the surrounding local communities is devastating, causing the displacement of families and homes, and entire villages some instances. Livelihoods are erased and lives are lost.

Nearly all flooded forests have consumed the livliehoods of those who once lived in its midst. The very act of reclaiming submerged timber is in essence reclaiming those souls lost to the flooding. The brand, SoulWood™, commemorates lives lost and revives the memory of their sacrifice.

The WaterForest Group is determined to bring renewed, positive energy to these communities, with a goal of rebuilding capacity, livelihoods and providing employment, training, and humanitarian endeavours for the families of those lost souls.