OneForest OneWorld Inc. (OneForest)

OneForest logoOneForest OneWorld Inc. (OneForest) is the branch that brings the organization’s global brands to market. A provider of third party eco-certified wood under products, OneForest is responsible for sales, marketing, and processing of the reclaimed final wood products. OneForest processes value-added wood products and merchandise, while also acting as a brokerage centre for recovered submerged logs.

Because the product offering is exclusively derived from sources of wood previously considered “lost”, every piece has a story waiting to be told. In order to further the brand, expand the market, and support the organization’s Triple Bottom Line principles, OneForest is devoted to sharing theses stories to generate interest in and passion for the sustainable reclaimed wood industry.

The sources include wood from submerged forests and logs. All the wood products sold under this brand are certified as “Reclaimed” by a third party certification organization.

Potential uses for the reclaimed timber include, but are not limited to, lumber, fine furniture, works of art, cultural handcrafts, industrial and raw fiber products.

Reclaimed Wood Brand and Third Party Certification program:

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