Bluewater Technology Corporation (Bluewater)

Bluewater Technologies logoIn every capacity, Bluewater Technology Corporation (Bluewater) lives its mission: to set the Triple Bottom Line principles into action – making a philosophy a practice. Bluewater’s vision is to be the global leader in the sustainable recovery of submerged standing tropical timbers, and through this recovery offset the ongoing terrestrial deforestation in tropical rainforests worldwide.

Economic viability

The value of forests submerged in hydroelectric reservoirs and lakes is estimated to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Bluewater was established to merge need with opportunity.

The Need:
  • Deforestation is consuming 33 million acres per year.
  • World demand for round wood fiber (logs) is 4.2 billion cubic meters.
  • Annual increase in demand is 52 million cubic meters.
  • In context: one average sized telephone pole is approximately one cubic meter in size and the annual timber harvest in British Columbia is approximately 65 million cubic meters.
  • In essence: the world is increasing its consumption by one British Columbia every year.
The Opportunity:
  • Approximately 45,000 thousand hydroelectric reservoirs and man lakes exist worldwide, half of which are found in the tropical hemisphere.
  • Hydroelectric reservoirs and man lakes represent a largely untapped source of high-quality hardwood.
Social Equity and Ecological Preservation

Through the establishment of a Bluewater Community Enrichment Program, Bluewater is committed to fostering and incubating small business and sustainable initiatives focused on improving the cultural, environmental and fiscal stability within the locals where Bluewater operates or has influence .

Bluewater employs state of the art equipment, eco-friendly fuels and lubricants, and recycled products where available and operationally feasible. At the forefront, Bluewater is astutely conscious of employing only those practices that maintains and fosters the integrity of the environment in which it operates. Bluewater also ensures that its labour standards, practices and wage rates exceed those currently found in-country while realizing the need to be sensitive to the issue of creating an imbalance in the local culture and society. It is imperative that the standards found in-country are improved in a manner so as to respect and balance the local culture and politics of the country.

The Technology

Bluewater designs, manufactures and operates advanced remotely operated submersible vehicle (ROV), or ROSCO®, technology for the recovery of submerged resources including submerged tropical hardwood timber. At the forefront of underwater resource recovery technology ROSCO® is an unmanned remotely operated underwater vehicle that is video and sonar guided. It is capable of harvesting stems 135 cm (4.5 feet) in diameter and weighing in excess of 45 Tonnes.

The yearly operating gross revenue based on conservative estimates of cycle times and log values from the operation of one ROSCO® unit on one reservoir is in excess of $40M USD.