Updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

We’ve made some changes to our Terms of Service and wanted to let you know about them.  The updates are minimal but do effect some of the following:

  • Invoicing
  • Website hosting acceptable use
  • Email acceptable use
  • Cancellation of services
  • Support
  • Rates of service

​Please take a moment to review and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

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Beware of Bogus Domain Renewals

Below is an example of a very sketchy domain renewal email that we received today.  The domain was originally registered at Godaddy, however, this company spammed us with this questionable registration.

Although domain registrars are free to charge what they want for domain renewals, $75/year is very steep.  This is not to mention that this company looks very shady and is not a business that we’d trust with our domains.  I’m not suggesting that this solicitation is (or isn’t) illegal, rather it’s on the outside edge of ethical in our opinion.

Computer Tips

Over the past few years we’ve compiled a list of some useful computer tips and solutions and thought we would share them. Please let us know if you have any tips that you’d like to ad.


Does Groupon Have a Future

Groupon shares have hit an all-time low of $3.25 today after missing their revenue projections.

So what happened?  Have we gotten tired of spa discounts?  Did most Grouponers realize that it’s an impulse buy; a deal too good to pass up only to let their Groupons expire going unused?  Are daily email offerings too frequent, causing us to simply delete them from our inbox?  Did we get greedy and sign up for too many deal-of-the-day websites and get burnt out?  Time will tell, but it does seem like the shine has worn off.

GoDaddy.com DNS Server Outage | No Effect For Silver Barrel Customers

The internet is buzzing (or perhaps a little quieter today) as GoDaddy and millions of their web hosting and email clients were knocked out of service by an apparent hacker.  The problems started around 10am PST and as of 4pm it appeared that godaddy.com was still down, although some of their client’s hosted website were coming back online.


About Us

Silver Barrel Solutions designs and develops any size of website, from entry-level brochure sites to more advanced, dynamic sites that implement online applications such as content management systems and e-commerce solutions.

Whatever the scope of work, we make it easy for our clients by offering in-house design, development, content writing, hosting and management.