The WaterForest Group (WFG)

WaterForest Group logoEstablished in 2005, The WaterForest Group (WFG) forms the roots of the organization, setting the course of business and aligning the visions for each of its branches. Each branch plays a key role in developing and implementing innovative forestry practices for harvesting submerged standing timber using Triple Bottom Line principles.

For WFG, Triple Bottom Line principles encompass more than a concept or means for reporting; rather it is a matter of business philosophy. Achieving a balance between ecological conservation, economic viability and social equity is at the very core of the organization. Placing equal weight on each Triple Bottom Line objective, WFG lives and breaths this commitment, ensuring each principle is maximized at every opportunity.

The WaterForest Group is comprised of Six branches:
  • Bluewater Technologies Corporation – supplier of technology and support services for the underwater resource recovery industry
  • Bluewater Eco Technologies Ltd. – patents and IP
  • OneForest Inc. – sales and marketing of recovered and reclaimed wood and wood products
  • The WaterForest Foundation – capacity building for local communities
  • SoulWood Energy Corp. – energy production through complete utilization of surplus biomass
  • One Forest Equity Inc. – financing division, NASDAQ Portal Alliance listed entity
The WaterForest Group is developing a worldwide consumer market for its custom cut and manufactured hardwood-finished products. Unique branding, SoulWood™, endorsement by WCAFI and support provided to the UNEP Plant for the Planet program further facilitate these consumer relationships.

The WaterForest Group | Corporate Brochure | English (PDF)
The WaterForest Group | Corporate Brochure | Spanish (PDF)